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June 18, 2019

CAT FAITH TOOLS Breakfast & dinner OPENING SACRED SPACE I wish I could explain to you the profound and subtle ways in which my life has changed by learning how to create sacred space. What exactly is Sacred Space and how can we use it?  By calling in the subtle helping forces, we bring the […]

Ceremonies & Rituals
March 30, 2018

CAT FAITH CEREMONIES & RITUALS FIRE CEREMONY Cat is initiated in the fire tradition, one of the most ancient practices in the mystical world, considered the quickest way to inner alchemy. Everything that is given to the fire is instantly transformed. Fire ceremonies can be held to release and shift things or to mark important […]

Soul Imagery Reading
March 30, 2018

CAT FAITH SOUL IMAGERY INTUITIVE READING   During this session, you can open communication with source and access guidance on a specific topic. Looking into the future can prove to be limiting. Future holds countless possibilities and timelines so when a download is being made, the other options are completely disregarded. We can impact the […]

March 21, 2018

RETREATS RETREATS Each year Cat organizes journeys where she shares with groups the special places and sacred sites that she has discovered, the healers and masters who she has met, and experiences that have touched her heart during her travels. The locations change and the team she brings together to hold space is always diferent. […]

Shamanic Healing
March 19, 2018

CAT FAITH SHAMANIC HEALING SESSIONS SHAMANIC MEDICINE The shamanic medicine that Cat teaches and practices comes from a long lineage of initiated wisdom keepers, medicine men and women from the Inca civilization. In Quechua, the dialect spoken by Peruvian shamans, denser energy is called HUCHA. It can be found in our luminous bodies in the […]

Leap of Faith
March 19, 2018

CAT FAITH CAT’S WORK Breakfast & dinner BIOGRAPHY Cat Faith is a is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Shamanic Practitioner and Coach, Detox Specialist and founder of the international platform Dying to Fully Live.  Cat accesses a diverse spectrum of healing techniques, sharing the Spoken Ancient Shamanic Traditions and collaborating with tribes, healers, masters and teachers from all over […]