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I wish I could explain to you the profound and subtle ways in which my life has changed by learning how to create sacred space.

What exactly is Sacred Space and how can we use it? 

By calling in the subtle helping forces, we bring the sacred in our lives. In the space that we create, we step outside of time, of consensual reality. We leave behind the affairs of ordinary life, the world of meetings and schedules and we prepare to meet the divine. In Sacred Space we can hear ourselves better, we can access that place of peace and silence. We can get inspiration, connecting to the highest energies available, in a protected space.

I use this practice each time I want to create and need inspiration, each time I want to access guidance and meditate on a specific topic. I open sacred space in a room before an important meeting or a challenging conversation. The energy shifts and all people who step in the circle speak from their hearts.

This is a wonderful ritual and the more you practice it, the more you will feel the difference in the energy that surrounds you in this space. It is a great tool for self-control, for observing your emotions, for pausing and taking the time to respond vs react. You can use it to center and ground yourself, to quiet your mind and to feel more in your power.

The best I feel to learn something is experientially. I invite you to follow the steps below and just notice. Notice if the energy feels different. Notice if people who come into the space are more open. Just notice. And if it feels good, keep doing it.   


1. Locate the cardinal directions using your compass. Stand with your spine straight. Take a few deep breaths. Get centered and feel your surroundings.

2. Stand facing South, offer your thanks for the water you drink, bathe in and cook with. For the seas, oceans and rivers. Think of your physical body, and the journey it had on this planet.

3. Rotate to stand facing West. Offer thanks for the earth, think of your mental-emotional body, your beliefs, behaviors. Think of the aspects that you wish to let go of. Honor the cycles of Life and Death and Renewal.

4. Rotate to stand facing North. Offer thanks for the air you breathe. For your ancestors and the gifts that they send to you through your lineage. Feel the courage to step into the unknown and know that at all times you are guided and supported. Everything is exactly as it should be. Limitless possibilities.

5. Rotate to stand facing East. Offer thanks for fire and the warmth it provides, its transformative powers. Listen to the sounds around you and connect to the place of stillness and silence. In this place you can hear the messages that great Spirit has for you.

6. Now bring your focus to the center where you are standing. Touch the ground and give thanks to Mother Earth, to the nourishment, the food, and unconditional love that she offers.

7. Look above and give thanks to Father Sun, Grandmother Moon, our star brothers and sisters and to Great Spirit for always guiding your way.

8. After we finish our work, sacred space may be closed by again acknowledging the forces of the four directions and those of the heavens and Earth.


Make this prayer your own, let it grow. May it serve you well on your path of growth and evolution 🖤


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