Each year Cat organizes journeys where she shares with groups the special places and sacred sites that she has discovered, the healers and masters who she has met, and experiences that have touched her heart during her travels.

The locations change and the team she brings together to hold space is always diferent. On this background she brings her shamanic teachings, reconnecting people to nature and their instincts, to the relationship with food and the body, helping them move through trauma and difficult moments and providing tools for self development.

Cat holds this space for change in a very diverse environment, with many trips and fun activities, providing an in depth exploration of the culture that each place holds.




Sacred Lineage Journey is a workshop that came to Cat after going through the process of losing both her mother and grandmother. Her workshop partner, Louise has also recently lost her mother. From this experience, Cat and Louise will share their wisdom and offer the tools and support not only to move through such transitions but also to clear lineages and receive the gifts that come to us through our ancestry. This workshop is equally important for people who have lost their loved ones in their lineage and also for those who’s families are still here on Earth.

The importance of ancestral work stems from the belief that, in general, it is wise to remember and honor those who came before us. The ancestors never really leave us. we must learn to receive the gifts that come through our lineage and also clear the wounds and trauma that could be passed down generationally.

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This August, September and November Cat is welcoming those of you who wish to experience one to one in-depth healing work and who would also like to explore the magic of island that she fell in love with – Mallorca.

Groups from 1 to maximum 5 people are welcome. You can choose to come alone and experience a one to one retreat, with a friend or with your family. The schedule and healing modalities are tailored according to your needs and the theme you wish to work on.

You can book your private retreat from 3 days minimum to a week maximum.


1st -10th Aug
5th-15th Sept
1st- 10th Nov
10th-20th Nov



‘You can choose to release and shift a toxic relationship, a crisis situation, health issues, weight loss and detox, work on your relationship with the masculine/feminine, you can address childhood trauma or things that might have impacted you throughout the years, behaviors you dislike and wish to change, repetitive patterns in your life, and pretty much anything that is not giving you peace or serving you anymore. ’

‘5 star venues, daily yoga sessions, nourishing organic food prepared by on-site chefs, personalized trips around the island, rituals and ceremonies at sacred sites, one to one in-depth healing work, one massage session.’

‘Each schedule is tailored according to each person’s needs. Prices vary depending on the number of days, trips and services chosen. Cat interviews each person and offers her guidance in choosing the right activities, therapies and in creating a very special experience. When working with a group, all members are involved in the process of creation. Cat will present options and suggestions and conversation starts from there.’


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