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Cat Faith is a Modern Shaman, Health Educator, teacher and founder of the international platform Do Good Academy.

Cat accesses a diverse spectrum of healing techniques, teaching the Spoken Ancient Shamanic Traditions and collaborating with tribes, healers, masters and teachers from all over the world.

At the core of her teachings lies INCA shamanism, derived from the medicine men and women of the Q’ero tradition.

She has been practicing energetic medicine since 2009, training in London and Romania at the Spirit of the Inca School, and also in Peru, learning directly from the Q’ero wisdom keepers.

In her practice, she combines ancient shamanic teachings with cutting edge practices in nutrition, biology and neuroscience. She assists people in breaking repetitive patterns, clearing past life imprints, deconstructing limiting beliefs, healing trauma, understanding dis-ease, soul loss and dealing with intrusive energies.

Cat specializes in facilitating personalized transformational experiences and sacred journeys where she guides people into lands of mystery, becoming a bridge between cultures and worlds.

In 2015, she started Do Good Academy, a platform dedicated to health, growth, spiritual education and sustainability where she organizes large scale events, festivals and retreats, promoting international speakers who share their wisdom and teachings at a global level.

In 2016, she received her certification as a Health Educator specializing in raw and living foods, from the world-renowned Hippocrates Health Institute in Palm Beach, Florida where she now teaches shamanic practices from October to March each year. The rest of the time she is based in Spain, Mallorca and travels in Europe performing healing work, teaching and organizing workshops and retreats.

Her work has influenced the lives of hundreds  of people worldwide. As a spiritual counselor and mentor, her mission is to help others experience change, freedom,  and peace in any stage of life.

Cat is a graduate of Media Pro Journalism Bucharest and of Greenwich University in London where she received her MA degree in Business and Events Management.


‘Shamanism is a way of life… it’s not only an ancient healing tradition… it is the universal spiritual wisdom inherent to all indigenous tribes and the method by which we as human beings can strengthen our natural connection with divinity, heal our soul’s wounds and learn to transform old pain, grief, anger to sources of strengths and compassion.’

‘Not long ago, the secrets and the traditions of the tribes were kept hidden. They were preserved for hundreds of years. We are facing a time of great change so the indigenous medicine people who I have met are now willing to share their wisdom with those who are ready. This is how a new generation of Modern Shamans came to birth. Souls who were trained by the tribes and continue to work close to them to spread these valuable teachings in a time when they are most needed. A Modern Shaman functions as a bridge between time, worlds and traditions, being able to translate these ancient rituals to the Western World in a way that they are understood, accepted and integrated. A Modern Shaman is someone who understands both the Amazonian Jungle and the City Jungle and who can facilitate updated sacred technologies that transform the body, heal the soul and change the way we live and die.’

‘In Alberto Viloldo’s teachings and in The Spirit of The Inca School System a percentage of the practices are rooted in psychology so there are certain common concepts. Psychology focuses generally on changing problematic behaviors, feelings and thoughts by discovering their unconscious meanings and motivations. This is just a part of the shamanic work as it only addresses the mind level.

In the shamanic practices, the greatest shifts happen when we address the soul level and the energetic luminous field where all negative imprints are stored. Shamans don’t subscribe to the model that we hold in the West. For them all disease and any blockage have spiritual origins. They do not distinguish depression, cancer or diabetes in their cosmology. They see these conditions as symptoms of spiritual illness. They practice healing of the luminous body, sacred rituals and initiations that lead to deep transformation, self- awareness, the death of the old self and re-birth.’


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