Cat is initiated in the fire tradition, one of the most ancient practices in the mystical world, considered the quickest way to inner alchemy. Everything that is given to the fire is instantly transformed. Fire ceremonies can be held to release and shift things or to mark important transitions and help one move from one phase to another. In the release fire ceremonies, the participant chooses an aspect that needs to be left behind (grief, fear, illness, loneliness, etc). In Sacred Space, this attribute is blown into a stick and burned up. In this context, the stick becomes an arrow for letting go. It represents the death of an old part of the self.

The fire ceremonies that mark transitions are very powerful, helping a person move from limbo to a fresh new start, leaving behind the emotional baggage and turmoil. Fire ceremony can help clear the way after painful incidents like break-ups, divorce, losing a loved one or any moment that involves great change – rehab, marriage, moving, retirement. It is an excellent way of marking a graduation to another level of spiritual evolution.


The Despacho ceremony is a living active prayer that takes the form of an offering. The word means “sending a message or care package” in Spanish and it’s an act of love that reminds us of the interconnectedness shared between all beings, elements, spirits, and sacred places. Despachos provide us with the opportunity to momentarily return to the essential unity with all that exists, with the living energy of the Universe.

For hundreds of years, the shamans and wisdom keepers of the Q’ero lineage of Peru have used this ceremony for a wide variety of occasions as an expression of gratitude. It can be used to bring things into balance or when there is a specific request of the spirit world.

Similar to a mandala or sacred creation, the offering holds symbolic elements. The intention held gives the direction of the ceremony and the choice of ingredients. The ingredients are bio-degradable and are carefully chosen to represent the things we want to give thanks for.  


Birthdays are a magical time when doors to limitless possibilities open.

It is the only time of the year when the positioning of the planets looks exactly like it looked at the time of our birth and when the sky shows our personal celestial blueprint.

In our culture, we usually spend this time surrounded by family and friends, celebrating and usually being distracted from the immense power that we can tap into.

If we chose to use this time wisely, in ceremony, journaling or meditating, we can access the energy of this day to co-create and to receive important guidance.

Using an ancient flower ritual, Cat will guide you to experience a powerful transition, with a defined set of intentions and clarity around the feelings that you wish to feel.

You will become the co-creator of the following year and you will be informed with the energy available during this special day.


Each season is connected to one of the four elements.

When we are not aligned to the seasons, the elements can be out of balance and this can cause misalignments in our bodies.

Using special potions and essences made of flowers and plants that are aligned to the seasons this soul-skin medicine brings you back to the Rhythm of Nature. 

You will experience the potions and lotions on your skin in a profound ritual and your energy centers will be rebalanced by the flower devas and plant spirits.

Emotional outbursts might happen.

After the session, a list of dietary recommendations is made to balance the element that you will be working with.

You will receive a flower essence to take for 28 days that will support your transition to the new alignment.


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